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Yes, we can!

Here is an example of a recent picture of the local Birmingham area.

We are looking for properties!

We currently have a high demand for properties.

Are you thinking of selling or know someone who is? If so please ask them to get in touch. We have a friendly team willing and waiting to help.

We offer :

  1. Free no-obligation valuations
  2. No Sale, No Fee
  3. Fixed fees
  4. Assisted viewings at no extra cost
  5. Step by step assistance through all of the sale process
  6. Office-based, enabling you to pop in at anytime

Landlord Charges 2019

You can download a PDF of our Landlord Charges here.

BW landlord A5 charges information 0619-4

Need repairs on your property?

We offer a maintenance service with high-quality workmanship.

Whatever your maintenance needs we’ve got it covered!

  • Plumbing
  • Plastering
  • Decorating Garden clearance
  • Garden Fencing

Call us today to find out how we can save you both time and money by maintaining your properties.

You can view our maintenance service here too.

Administration Fees July 2019

Considering renting a property?

These are the costs you need to be aware of:-

Admin search Fees: £300.00 non-refundable

Guarantor Fee: £50.00

Deposit: 1 Month’s Rent

Rent Payable:  1 month in advance


Why should I use an Estate Agency?

A real estate salesperson is more than just a ‘salesperson.’ They act on your behalf as your agent, providing you with advice and guidance and doing a job – helping you buy or sell a home. While it is true they get paid for what they do, so do other professions that provide advice, guidance, and have a service to sell – such as Certified Accountants and Lawyers.

The Internet has opened up a world of information that wasn’t previously available to homebuyers and sellers. The data on listings available for sale is almost current – but not quite. There are times when you need the most current information about what has sold or is for sale, and the only way to get that is with an agent.

If you’re selling a home, you gain access to the most buyers by being listed in the largest property listings such as Right Move.

However, the role of an agent has changed in the last couple of years. In the past, agents were the only way home buyers and sellers could access information. Now agents are evolving. Because today’s home buyers and sellers are so much better informed than in the past, expertise and ability are becoming more important.

The real estate agent is becoming more of a guide than a salesperson – your personal representative in buying or selling a home.

Why am I getting different valuations?

You might want to consult 2 or 3 Estate Agents on the market value of your home. Most of the estimates should be in the same ballpark.

Often some Agents will give you a higher number because he/she already knew you expected it. This is called ‘Buying a Listing’.

You should look in the local area and see what similar properties are being sold for.
Remember that Sellers do not always achieve their asking price, especially if it is unrealistic.

This is where our professionalism and experience shines and why you should include us in your shortlist of Agents. See some of the testimonials we have on the website from our happy, satisfied customers!

Modern or Established Neighbourhood?

Consider this scenario:-

I have to make a choice between an updated home in an older neighbourhood or a newer home in a more modern neighbourhood. The home in the older neighbourhood has almost everything I want and is much larger, but which makes the most sense as an investment?

If your goal is to buy a home for its resale value and the one you are thinking of buying in the older neighbourhood is at the upper end of values for that area, then it may not be the wisest choice.

If it is similar or lower in price to the others, then there should be no problem because pricing should be considered in relation to the locale and not compared to homes in other regions (for the most part).

Plus, is it a neighbourhood on the decline, or are others going to be fixing things up, too, so that it is a neighbourhood that is improving? It could turn out to be a very good deal as long as you don’t overpay because of the recent improvements.

Remember that you also buy a property for it’s value to you (as a home), and that is something else you should consider – which area would you and your family feel most comfortable in?

What upgrades are worthwhile?

When buying a new home, what upgrades should we go for?

  • What holds the most value?
  • Do we upgrade the loft?
  • Pick more square footage in the house?
  • Add an extra bedroom?
  • etc

A lot depends on why you are buying the house. Are you buying it mostly as a home or mostly as an investment? There is a difference.

For the most part, upgrades are high-profit items for builders. They aren’t designed to enhance the value of the property but make you happier with the house you do buy.

If you are looking at your home as an investment, then you should buy from the smaller to medium size for the main building and spend only a minimal amount on upgrades.

If you are looking at your purchase as a home, then you select upgrades that will enhance your quality of living.

One rule of thumb is to always upgrade the carpets and underlay.

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