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We are looking for properties!

We currently have a high demand for properties. Are you thinking of selling or know someone who is? If so please ask them to get in touch. We have a friendly team willing and waiting to help. We offer : Free no-obligation valuations No Sale, No Fee Fixed fees Assisted viewings at no extra cost Step by step assistance through all of the sale process Office-based, enabling you to...

Modern or Established Neighbourhood?

Consider this scenario:- I have to make a choice between an updated home in an older neighbourhood or a newer home in a more modern neighbourhood. The home in the older neighbourhood has almost everything I want and is much larger, but which makes the most sense as an investment? If your goal is to buy a home for its resale value and the one you are thinking of buying in the older neighbourhood is at the...

What upgrades are worthwhile?

When buying a new home, what upgrades should we go for? What holds the most value? Do we upgrade the loft? Pick more square footage in the house? Add an extra bedroom? etc A lot depends on why you are buying the house. Are you buying it mostly as a home or mostly as an investment? There is a difference. For the most part, upgrades are high-profit items for builders. They aren't designed to...

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